Shopping Guide

Use the below shopping guide to find out more information on how you will redeem your OKFresh benefits each month. You will also get a copy of the shopping guide when you check in at the market each month. Shopping at the market is fun, easy, and an enjoyable experience for the whole family!

Monthly OKFresh Benefits

Once enrolled, you will be emailed and/or texted reminders to attend the market each month and use your OKFresh benefits each month. You can choose to spend all $20 in one visit or break $20 up into multiple visits that fit your family's needs.

Check in at the Farmers Market

When you enroll in OKFresh, you will receive a welcome e-mail and text message. Then, when you arrive at the market, you will show your welcome e-mail or any OKFresh text at the market manager's table to check-in.

If located in Oklahoma City or Muskogee during the winter
, you will present your proof of membership at a conveniently located produce pick-up site. After paying your matching funds, an employee at the produce pick-up location will provide you pre-packaged produce.

Pay Your Out-of-Pocket

OKFresh will match up to $20 of your out-of-pocket food purchase. This out-of-pocket amount can be paid with cash, credit/debit, or your SNAP benefits. This is paid when you redeem your tokens at check-in at the market manager's table. The market staff/volunteer will then exchange your out-of-pocket money and the match funds with OKFresh tokens. White tokens represent your out-of-pocket funds, and the green tokens represent OKFresh matched funds.

What items are eligible for OKFresh?

• SNAP Funds (wood tokens) - valid for SNAP-eligible food items and food-bearing plants
• Out-of-Pocket Funds (white tokens) - Valid for any food items and food-bearing plants
• OKFresh Matched Funds (green tokens) - Valid for fruits, vegetables, and food-bearing plants

Begin Shopping

Visit the different market vendor booths and select your eligible food items to purchase. Each vendor is trained to know about eligible products and how to use your tokens so don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Check Out and Giveaways

After shopping, weigh your produce back at the market managers table and receive a free giveaway just for visiting the market. The giveaways change each month, so remember to come back often and use your benefits!

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