Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible for OKFresh?

Is membership in OKFresh per person or for an entire family?

Is having children a requirement to being an OKFresh member?

A household member is already an OKFresh member. Can I also join?

What are the benefits of being an OKFresh member?

Where can I find a list of participating clinics who can refer me to OKFresh?

Do I have to live/work in Muskogee, Lawton, or Oklahoma City to participate?

Can I refer family and friends to OKFresh?

I am not eligible for OKFresh but need food assistance. Are there other programs that may assist me?

Registration and Signup

How do I sign up my family for OKFresh?

What if I don’t receive my welcome letter via email?

My family is eligible and has enrolled in OKFresh, what now?

How OKFresh Works

What is the cost to participate?

How can I pay my out-of-pocket costs?

Why did I receive white tokens and green tokens? What is the difference?

What items are eligible for OKFresh purchases?

Can I keep my tokens and use them a different week?

Once I have shopped at the market and used my tokens, do I need to check out for OKFresh?

I lost my tokens. Can I get them replaced at no cost?

What happens if I miss a month’s market?

What happens if I miss multiple months markets?

How long does OKFresh last?

Market Information

Which farmers markets are participating?

Are the market locations the same during the summer and the winter months?

What months are defined as summer and winter?

How will winter produce box pick-ups work for the Muskogee and Oklahoma City winter market months?

Clinic Information

Which clinics are participating?

What if my regular provider/clinic is not on the participating clinics list?

Do I have to visit the clinic in person to participate?


What are the giveaways?

How often are giveaways available?

Can I get a giveaway every time I visit the market?

Where do I pick up my giveaway?

Other Information

What do I do if my family or I no longer wishes to participate in OKFresh?

COVID-19 and Other Public Health Emergencies

Is it safe to visit the farmers market during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Is it safe to visit the clinic during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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