Using SNAP Benefits

We understand the need to have flexibility in the payment options for your OKFresh out-of-pocket funds.  Your Oklahoma SNAP benefits can be used at the OKFresh participating farmers markets to pay your out-of-pocket match and with the Double Up Oklahoma (DUO) program that can be used with SNAP, your benefits stretch even further!  In addition to receiving up to $20 in OKFresh matching dollars, you will also receive up to $20 in DUO funds to use at the market. This gives you a total of up to $60 to spend at the market!

DoubleUp Oklahoma Program

Double Up Oklahoma (DUO) program encourages families on a limited food budget to choose healthier, locally-grown food and rewards them by giving them more spending power on food that is better for them, their children, and their community. The program offers a one-to-one match on SNAP dollars spent on locally-grown fruits and vegetables. In addition, whenever a family redeems their SNAP benefits at a participating FarmersMarket, they can receive up to $20 in DUO tokens. These tokens can be spent on fresh, frozen, canned, or dried fruits and vegetables without added salt, sugar, oil, or fat.

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