Winter Farmers Market Participating Clinics

Winters Farmers

Lawton -The farmers market in Lawton is year-round.  Continue shopping the market as you would during the summer months! You can find more information on the Lawton Farmers Market here.

Muskogee and Oklahoma City- The Oklahoma City Scissortail Farmers Market and Muskogee Farmers Market summer season has come to a close, but OKFresh is still here to provide you and your family with fresh produce in the winter months from November to March with OKFresh Winter Online Farmers Market! You can fill your online shopping cart with with fruits, vegetables, food bearing plant, and herbs that are fresh, frozen, canned, or dried with no added salt, sugar, oil, or fat once a month through our online market and continue receiving your OKFresh benefits through the winter months.

To get started with the Winter Online Farmers Market, you will first need to become an OKFresh member! For more information about becoming an OKFresh member, visit  

1. Once you are a member, OKFresh will create your account for the online store and you will receive an email once it is ready to use with the link to the store and your login credentials.  If you do not receive an email with your account credentials, please contact us.

2. You can shop once a month with OKFresh!  The city you are in will determine which weeks of the month you can choose from to do your shopping.

a. Muskogee: You can shop during the first or third weeks of the month

b. OKC: You can choose any week.

Don’t worry about forgetting! You will also be sent reminders for when the market is open to shop each month.

3. Using the online store, you will shop for the produce and/or food-bearing plants you need. Instead of receiving tokens for your OKFresh matching dollars, your OKFresh benefits are applied as a credit after you check out. When you create a cart with $40 of produce, your final price when you pick up your order will only be $20. Your payment method will not be charted or have a hold placed on it until you pick up you order.

a. You can spend more than your matching funds, but you will be responsible for the amount over $40 in your cart.

b. Try to create a cart with $40 as your OKFresh benefits do not rollover during winter months.

4. When you create a cart with a total of $40 in produce and/or food bearing plants, your final price at pick up is only $20!

1. To pay your out-of-pocket portion, you will select your payment option at check out. Your payment method will not be charged until you pick up your order.

a. EBT (SNAP)- select this option and bring your card to pay at pick up.
b. Credit/debit card- select Pay LATER- Credit card and bring your card to pay at pick up.

5. Pick up your order at the designated location in your city!

a. Muskogee: Arnold’s Fruit Company (1412 W Shawnee St, Muskogee, OK 74401) during the designated Saturday from 1:00 pm-3:00 pm.

b. OKC: Paseo Farmers Market at Flora Bodega, located at 3020 N Walker Ave., on Saturday or Sunday from 11:00am-6:00pm.

i. Don’t worry- we will send you reminders to pick up your order!

ii. We encourage you to create a $40 cart during your produce order to ensure you maximize your OKFresh benefits since orders can only be placed once a month. Don’t miss out on any of your benefits!

Still have questions about how the Winter Online Farmers Market works?  Check out our FAQ specific to the winter market!